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Our Story

Many years ago, before electronic medical records, HIPAA, and health reform, we set out to develop a framework that would facilitate the care of patients while improving the accuracy of the information physicians need to make sensible decisions. Initially it was designed around the workflow of the physician. It has since changed to a more balanced approach: what can a group of well intentioned specialists, patients, family members and friends do to improve not just survival but quality of life and satisfaction?

Along the way we have had many obstacles; nevertheless we have persisted in our efforts to achieve a satisfactory virtual framework where access to good information is possible and affordable. There is no question that our most precious asset is our health. Selecting a health specialist to see is not easy, and there is no real, verifiable source of information that is accessible to patients or specialists. The information that we present is based on real, verifiable patient encounters and not on aggregate, indirect information. The cost to produce this quality of information is substantial; however, there is little doubt that access to accurate information is the best way to seriouly study and advance science in any field. This issue is particularly applicable to health care. It is our hope that through a translucent process of collaboration we can improve patient experience and satisfaction for those involved in their care.

Our workforce is global, but we work as one. At any given point, there is one of us available. Each of us has a particular area of expertise. We collaborate continuously to achieve our goal: safe, trusted access to the most accurate medical information possible.